Camo Dip your next trophy skull

Posted on: June 12th, 2010 by admin

Check it out everybody, I am now offering the option to camo dip your next trophy skull in just about any camo pattern there is. This is a brand new and unique way to display a European Mount. Just think of the attention it will get. Send me your next trophy animal to European Mount and consider the camo dipping process today. Prices vary depending on skull size. If you don’t have a particular skull you want, remember, I probably have what you are looking for because I have several skulls available for sale that can be camo dipped, mounted or kept pearly white if you’re looking for a great father’s day gift. I can make card and knife holder skulls that are also camo dipped. If anyone is interested in the coyote skull in the picture, it is for sale. Price for the coyote skull is $165. Sorry, I can’t sell the duck skull because it is a federal migratory game bird, but I can Euro Mount your own duck skulls for you. Check out more of my European Mount pictures on my myspace and Facebook pages, several of the skulls pictured are for sale and all of them can be camo dipped, mounted on a plaque or kept pearly white for display in your trophy section or on your desk as a paperweight, knife holder, or card holder. There will soon be a gallery section for the European Mounts I’ve done and the ones that are available for purchase on my website as well. A hog skull would look great camo dipped and I have plenty of hogs to hunt on the ranch, so give me a call to book your hunt, get it European mounted, and shoulder mounted all at one place. Remember I have European Mount and Taxidermy services available for all of my hunters. BRODAX is your your one stop shop for harvesting and displaying your trophy animal. Check out my website for pricing and information.