Red Deer Hind and First Hog Harvest

Posted on: November 1st, 2010 by admin

Congratulations to Gene Hargrave from Illinois for stalking and harvesting a Red Deer Hind. This was Gene’s first exotic deer to harvest. It took us a while to get up on the herd, but we eventually got into position for him to take this large hind. While on his hunt, we had several other critters come within bow range, like these deer that walked up the pipeline to about 15 yds. from us, while we were sitting in the open next to the 4-wheeler. Gene said if he would have had his crossbow, it would’ve been game on. I definitely look forward to seeing Gene again soon. Also, Chris Williams was given an anniversary present from his wife to come out and hog hunt for his first time ever. Not sure if it was beginners luck or just good novice hunting, but Chris managed to harvest his first hog ever on his time out hunting and saw over 25+ hogs. Chris looks forward to bringing out his wife next time he comes out to hunt. I also included a picture of one of the coyotes I’ve snared, up to #31 since June.

Stalked Red Deer Hind Snared Coytote First Red Deer Hind Does Within Bow Range Chris's First Hog Harvest Chris's First Hog Harvest (2)